Paul T. Cappuccio, General Counsel and Executive Vice President, Time Warner Inc.:

"I have known both Jonathan Massey and Lenny Gail for many years, and have worked closely with Jonathan on some of the most complex constitutional and statutory issues of telecommunications and media law.  Jonathan and Lenny are two of the smartest lawyers I know.  When I need a firm that is capable of thinking outside the box on a difficult issue, or producing compellingly analytical and persuasive briefs, or first-rate oral advocacy, Massey & Gail will always be very high up on my list of firms to hire."

John Thorne, formerly Deputy General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Verizon Communications, Inc.:

“Many clients think of the law as an external factor affecting their business, something that happens outside their control, like the weather. Jonathan Massey's career proves otherwise. For a general counsel with good ideas, Jonathan Massey has a track record of execution that turns ambitious goals into reality. Plus he writes like a dream and has good judgment. I recommend him for the hardest projects without reservation.”

Illinois Governor-Elect Bruce Rauner Transition Committee:

“Massey & Gail provided invaluable counsel on an emergency basis when a constitutional crisis appeared imminent. They helped do what’s right for the people of Illinois.”

Eric Gastevich, Founder and Principal, ATG Companies:

"Achieved the impossible in the most delicate and challenging of circumstances. Lenny and his team did so with intellect, kindness, and skillfully applied counsel."

Phil Dingle, Managing Partner, HealthEdge Investment Partners, LLC:

“In a major business dispute that consumed two years and evolved into a two week arbitration, Lenny Gail and his team were creative, tenacious, dynamic, methodical, organized, and responsive . . . so incredibly impressive. They simultaneously showed great character in their advocacy and in a manner that served us well. This team is outstanding—the legal equivalent of a ten bagger”

Pilar Godoy, Board Member of Professional Healthcare Resources, Inc. and Trustee of a related Trust:

“Massey & Gail held my hand firmly through an extraordinarily difficult and personal ordeal. Lenny Gail and Matt Reedy professionally and sensitively navigated my defense through a two-week jury trial where I was fully and completely vindicated. I hope that no one ever needs the services of lawyers, but if they do, Massey & Gail offers not only the highest quality service in law but also the best in support and friendship.”

David Rappa, Co-Owner, Midwest Mailing & Shipping Systems, Inc.:

“Eli Kay-Oliphant is tenacious, organized, responsive, and his results were impressive. As the owners of a small family business with limited resources, being in multiple litigations with a billion-dollar multinational company is daunting. If it wasn’t for Eli’s strategic thinking, effort, relentless focus, judgment, and follow through we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. When we finally reached a settlement at the end of a 19 month rock fight which included multiple litigations in multiple states, Eli managed our case in such a way we came out ahead on all major points.”

Lisa Turner, Chief Executive Officer, Wilbert of Birmingham, LLC:

"Massey & Gail literally saved our business in a bet-the-company dispute. They were terrific in Court—fierce when required, diplomatic when desirable, and always extraordinarily well prepared. Outside of Court (and after a successful ruling), they knew when and how to conclude the dispute on favorable terms. They were efficient and client-focused throughout."

Patrick D. Hughes, former Special Deputy Receiver and Chief Executive Officer, Illinois Department of Insurance Office of the Special Deputy:

"Massey & Gail offers a unique, cost-effective, and just plain valuable approach to legal services. They see your challenges from your perspective—which translates to managing costs, creative thinking, and defining success from the client’s point of view. As important, Lenny and Jonathan’s combined experiences make them an extraordinarily powerful team on the most complex matters."

Steve Perry, Chief Executive Officer, Claritage Capital:

"My firm retained Massey & Gail in the midst of an intense litigation involving tens of millions. They got up to speed immediately and committed themselves to success. Whatever was necessary, they delivered, 24/7, and won the case at trial. Massey & Gail will forever be my ‘go to’ litigators, and they should be yours."

Roya Behnia, former General Counsel, Senior Vice President, and Corporate Secretary, Pall Corporation:

“Massey and Gail have what I look for in outside counsel: smart, dynamic, responsive legal advisors who make it a point to understand my business and give me straightforward and practical advice.  In this day and age when legal budgets are under pressure, it is critical for me to rely on lawyers who understand our business imperatives and deliver in a cost-effective way.  In working with Lenny Gail, I felt like I had a partner who was aligned with our interests.”

Mary Cunningham, Chief Executive Officer, Chicago Deferred Exchange Company:

“Massey & Gail represented us on a time-critical, highly sensitive matter and they delivered, with skill and grace. Jonathan & Lenny possess the rare combination of incomparable legal expertise coupled with sound and practical business judgment. Their advocacy was efficient, professional, and impressively responsive. CDEC’s experience with Massey & Gail was exceptional.”

Scott Hendler, Austin, Texas:

“Jonathan Massey is simply one of the finest appellate lawyers in the United States. I had the distinct pleasure of working with him on a series of appeals involving a question of federal law in a complex mass tort case that wound its way all the way to the United States Supreme Court. Against all odds, after Jonathan's brilliant oral argument, the Court decided in our clients' favor 9-0 on a dispositive issue and 6-3 on a secondary issue. In addition to his sheer talent, he is one of the nicest people I've ever met and extremely easy to work with. It was a pleasure not to have to deal with the kind of ultra sensitivity or egomania so many other brilliant lawyers suffer from when working with Jonathan. His prowess as a legal issues lawyer and appellate lawyer are unmatched and I would not even consider working with anyone else on a high stakes appellate matter. He's simply that good.”

Michael Hancock:

“After the events that transpired that brought me to the decision to confront former business partners, my faith in human nature had been shaken. Massey & Gail helped to restore some of it with their professional and compassionate handling of my dispute. And in the final days, as the waters got a little choppy in final negotiations with the other side and my anxiety was at its highest, Lenny and Jeremy were tireless and tenacious in nailing down every detail while calming my nerves and tolerating my jitters.”

Steven Johnston, Chief Legal Officer, World Triathlon Corporation:

“Over the 15 years I have known Lenny Gail I have witnessed and benefited from his extraordinary knowledge of the law, exceptional ability to create innovative legal and business solutions and steadfast dedication to serving his clients’ every need. Since legal and business concerns constantly change, it gives me and my organization great confidence knowing that the advice we receive from Massey & Gail is sound, thoroughly scrutinized and strategically driven. When we are faced with a legal or business problem, or even when I just need a trusted voice of reason, Lenny is always the first person I call.”