Civil Fraud

JPMorgan Chase for trial in a case involving a certified class alleging violation of California’s Unfair Competition Law (Business and Professions Code § 17200) arising from allegedly deceptive adjustable rate mortgage loan disclosures.

An investor in an appeal of dismissal of his claims for breach of fiduciary duty and fraud against investment advisors.

A private equity firm in its breach of contract claim with regard to the sale of a healthcare company, which included allegations of civil fraud.

An enterprise-software and technology firm in defense of claims that its software caused its counterparty’s business to fail.

USAmeribank in a dispute concerning its obligation, if any, to share the proceeds of a set-off with lending syndicate members as borrower’s criminal fraud unfolded where USAB purchased participations in the loan. USAmeriBank vs. Sovereign Bank, Case No. 2D12-389 (2 Dist. Ct. App. Fl.).

A major technology firm in a patent infringement dispute.