Criminal Law

Trials and evidentiary hearings involving asset securitization fraud, securities parking and free riding, narcotics importation and distribution, firearms, and ineffective assistance of counsel claims.

Several appeals, including one involving the constitutionality of the mandatory minimum sentence after United States v. Booker, 543 U.S. 220 (2005), and evidentiary sufficiency of bank robbery verdict. U.S. v. Jones, 418 F.3d 726 (7th Cir. 2005).

Investigations involving corporate and government embezzlement, false statements, child pornography, health care up-coding and unnecessary procedures, bank robbery, narcotics, and financial fraud, including Ponzi schemes.

The United States in a criminal trial where the defendant was charged with and convicted of asset securitization fraud.

A group of energy-related companies in a case presenting the question whether federal courts may entertain common-law public nuisance suits for the alleged “tort” of contributing to global climate change. American Elec. Power Co. v. Connecticut, No. 10-174 (U.S. Supreme Court).

A publicly traded financial services firm and its employees in connection with a government investigation of a bank borrower.

Two private equity funds, and the company in which they invested, in an arbitration against the founder-sellers involving breaches of representations and warranties, including for compliance with laws in the wake of a federal investigation and indictment of a related entity and former employee.

USAmeriBank in a dispute concerning its obligation, if any, to share the proceeds of a set-off with lending syndicate members as borrower’s criminal fraud unfolded where USAB purchased participations in the loan. USAmeriBank vs. Sovereign Bank, Case No. 2D12-389 (2 Dist. Ct. App. Fl.).

Individuals in a defamation action and associated declaratory judgment action in connection with insurance coverage for said defamation action.